Drone delivery service - Nilivery

what is 'Nilivery'?

Neilivery, meaning "pleasant delivery service," is a drone-based logistics and transportation service that connects the city center and non-urban areas. It is a new concept service that installs personal drone delivery box in areas where quick commerce service is available and delivers delivery or delivery food to non-urban areas. Residents of non-urban areas can enjoy convenient quick commerce services, and quick commerce companies can expand service coverage without building infrastructure.


Install Drone delivery box

There is a 'Niliport' that allows drones to take off and land in urban areas that provide quick commerce services. if you are Residents living in the logistics service operation area, how about install a delivery box in Niliport? The items arriving at the delivery box will be delivered home safely and quickly by the drone.


Request delivery through Nilivery

Isn't it a Quick Commerce Service (like Coupang, SSG ) area? Don't worry. 'Niliport' is installed in the Quick Commerce Service Area, so anyone who installs a delivery box can enjoy the Quick Commerce Service. Now, all you need to do is to order a quick commerce delivery from the delivery box installed in Niliport.


Safe and Fast to home

Nilivery uses drones and robots to deliver home safely and quickly. Items that arriving at Niliport are automatically recognized the user and determined the delivery destination using the delivery box number. And it automatically flies to the final destination and delivers the items to the user safely and quickly.

Quick Commerce Service 'for Everyone'

Quick commerce service (like Coupang or SSG ) is a very attractive service. But it's not service everyone can enjoy. There are still limited areas where you can enjoy these quick commerce services. Nilivery is a new delivery solution that can solve the shaded areas of these services. it's easy to use. just make and install delivery box in the nearest Niliport!

If you installed it, try delivering quick commerce or delivery food to this box. Nilivery's drones and robots deliver them to your home quickly and safely Users can enjoy the convenient service of Quick Commerce and Service providers can expand service coverage without building infrastructure in 'Nilivery', Enjoy it!

Quick commerce/delivery

Individual logistics such as quick commerce or online shopping.

fresh/delivery food

Fresh or delivery food that needs to be delivered quickly.

Convenient items

Convenience store service is provided even in areas where there are no convenience stores.

By bridging the logistics service gap and shaded areas, Nilivery will bring small but many changes to your life.

Case of Nilivery service


Gimcheon smart-villige

Smart Village, a rural residential complex in Eomo-myeon, Gimcheon-si, is provided with a last mile service 'Nilivery' using drones and robots It is located in the middle of the mountain where you have to drive for about 20 minutes from the city center, so delivery food does not come well and quick commerce services are not provided. However, with the Nilivery service, you can order delivery food from the city center and enjoy Quick commerce services. do you need more information? click here

Office in Eomo-myeon, Gimcheon-si.

We provide an official Nilivery service through a route connecting Gimcheon City Hall and Eomo-myeon Office. Items or documents sent from Gimcheon City Hall to the Eomo-myeon office are now delivered by drone. Automation using robots and drones can have the effect of efficiency and cost reduction in document management that existing people used to do

Gammun-myeon, Gimcheon-si

Gammun-myeon, Gimcheon-si, is located far from the city center. Although there are not many residents, we deliver items that need to be supplied quickly, such as masks and medicines, through the Nilivery service. Nilivery fulfills its social responsibility with 4th industrial technology.