customized drone production service

you can make your own drone!

do you need special drone? do you have any special mission with a drone? Let's use NINANO COMPANY's drone customization service. Based on our drone operation experience, design, and manufacturing technology, we will manufacture or develop the best drone and system that suits you. Feel free to ask!



It is the most common type of drone consisting of several propellers and is relatively easy to control, enabling various missions to be performed. If you need drones to carry out various missions such as forest fires/fire prevention, surveillance/monitoring, and logistics transportation, use Ninano Company's multicopter customization service!



VTOL usually has a fixed-wing form and refers to a system that allows vertical takeoff and landing and horizontal forward flight. although it has relatively little available volume, it can fly long distances. so it is suitable for surveillance or reconnaissance mission.


Customized Web Platform

We can develop a customized web platform for efficient operation of drones or service provision. We will develop that contains all the functions you want, from remote control or control of drones to handling various consumer requests and community functions.

What drones do you need?

Do you have to carry 20kg of cargo? Do you have to fly for more than 2 hours? or Do you need a toy drone?? We listen to your request and find a feasible way. Based on our rich experience and know-how, we find the best combination of systems and provide the best drone system to satisfy your requirements through stable structure and efficient aerodynamic design. NINANO COMPANY is always open. if you have any question, feel free for ask!


System Optimization

we provide the best system for your request

Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic design & Optimization

User Interface

Web-based user experience for control and service provision.

Regardless of size or type of drone, NINANO COMPANY's experience and know-how will make stable and efficient drone that your own.

Case of drone Customized


Large-capacity Agricultural drones

we produces and supplies large-capacity spray drones that can be sprayed with more than 20 liters of liquid. FC and electronic components that have been certified by KC are applied and drones with safety certification is obtained from KC certification using insulated power supplies are provided Various types of spraying are also configured, allowing appropriate levels of spraying to the area required.


surveillance drone

We manufactured and supplied surveillance drones equipped with our own multispectral cameras. In addition to FC, it is equipped with a mission computer for video transmission and reception and a camera control function using Jimbal. In particular, the system stability in various environments was verified by evaluating the internal environment through wind tunnel experiments and supplied

modification to logistics transport version

We provides logistics drones that can be used conveniently by modifying the system to facilitate opening and closing based on existing commercial products. As a non-visible flight response product using LTE, drones are supplied, including basic performance evaluation and two years of LTE license.