Drone Certification Service

Is it hard to verify the safety of a large drone?

To operate a type 1 large drone, Safety certification is essential. However, safety certification takes a long time to obtain due to various procedures and complex documents. Ninano Company fully prepares safety certification response data through its own test evaluation system, from elements such as the drone's motor-propeller to the entire drone. also, you can respond efficiently based on abundant safety certification and response experience. Now leave the difficult certification work to Ninano Company and focus on your development and operation.


Test evaluation

We evaluate the performance of each detailed element of the drone system, such as propeller performance evaluation and electromagnetic inspection, and apply for safety certification based on the results. Through our own element test evaluation, it is possible to check in advance whether the safety certification has passed and respond in advance.


Indoor flight test

The Ninano Company's indoor wired test system allows you to verify in advance whether stable flight of large aircraft is possible. so The safety of the drone and disadvantage can be checked in advance and compensate that.


Outdoor flight test

Elements that require outdoor flight tests, such as GPS recognition, will be tested in advance at their own outdoor flight test site and the performance for safety certification will be checked in advance. In addition, we use the flight test site in Boeun, Chungcheongnam-do, which is close to us, to conduct flight tests and respond to safety certification.

KC/Safety certification agency

We do your basic certification work for the safe operation of drones. From KC certification for each part or vehicle to safety certification that is essential for large aircrafts, we provide you with the certification work you need. Ninano Company performs effective certification agency work by determining whether certification is possible through its own test evaluation in advance and supplementing deficiencies in advance. Enjoy our convenience Service!


KC certification

KC certification agency through radio waves and electromagnetic tests.

Safety certification

The first safety certification or renewal agency of a large aircraft.

Performance evaluation

Evaluation of drone performance tests other than authorized certification items.

Leave the complicated and difficult certification work to Ninano Company. Through self-testing, certification is carried out more efficiently.

Case of Certification Agency


Large spray drone certification

We have certified the safety of agricultural spray drones with a capacity of up to 23L. Perform an experimental performance evaluation of individual propellers and motors and obtain radio wave certification. We apply for safety certification by evaluating basic safety and filling out necessary documents through indoor flight tests..

Large drone safety certification

We are certified the safety of large drones of which payload is 30kg We checks safety first through system configuration and indoor wired flight tests with large drone which takes 60kg of maximum takeoff weight.

KC certification for developed aircraft.

We perform KC certification agency for newly developed aircraft. We evaluates the performance of each element and conducts electromagnetic testing and certification of the developing finished aircraft.